KYB America LLC manufactures and markets a full line of shocks and struts for replacement, upgrade and performance applications. The KYB line includes GR-2[R] shocks and struts, Gas-a-Just[R] shocks, MonoMax[TM] shocks, AGX[R] shocks and struts, strut mounts and boots.

KYB uses its innovative design and advanced engineering to produce state-of-the-art shocks and struts that are recognized worldwide for their safety, proven reliability and superior ride control.

Designed to deliver an excellent combination of smooth handling and control, KYB produces shocks and struts for virtually every car, light truck, minivan or SUV on the road today. KYB also offers performance shocks and struts for drivers who want maximum handling and performance.

With an outstanding reputation for performance and excellent control even under the most demanding driving conditions, KYB shocks and struts are also backed by KYB's limited lifetime warranty.

The KYB product line:

* GR-2[R] shocks and struts are specially designed to provide a smooth, secure ride with excellent control for drivers who are looking for improved handling. GR-2 shocks and struts are available for virtually all vehicles on the road today.

With its patented check valve, the GR-2 shocks and struts maintain excellent performance under even the most severe driving conditions. It also provides safety and control that is often better than OE. The GR-2 shocks and struts replace traditional struts with gas strut performance.

* Designed to deliver maximum driving control, Gas-a-Just[R] shocks provide a firm and controlled ride. Gas-a-Just's shocks' higher gas pressure keeps tires glued to the road and gives drivers improved safety by eliminating acceleration squat and minimizing braking nose dive. In addition, its superior strength monotube configuration provides durability and fade-free performance.

The monotube design with floating piston makes for fade-free performance, while the seamless cylinders and eye rings provide durability. The Gas-a-Just shocks offer a wide range of applications for many cars, light trucks and SUVs.

* MonoMax[TM] shocks are specifically engineered to provide better handling and control for minivans, larger SUVs and light trucks. These world-class shocks feature a high pressure monotube design, which allows for a safer, more stable ride, and an extra large piston and piston rod to handle even the most demanding driving conditions.

Designed for street and off-road applications, as well as for use on lifted and lowered trucks, MonoMax shocks give drivers increased ride control and improved safety by eliminating acceleration squat, minimizing braking nose dive and controlling roll and pitch. KYB MonoMax shocks are quality engineered to deliver performance, strength and long life. Most shocks feature an extra-large, 46mm diameter bore and pistons and hardened, chromed 11/42-inch diameter piston rods for the most demanding applications. Other features include a high-strength monotube design for fade-free performance, auto- adapt valving for a smooth, controlled ride, seamless cylinders and eye rings for durability and self-sealing packing for long life reliability.

* AGX[R] shocks and struts allow drivers to adjust dampening to match specific driving conditions quickly and easily. AGX shocks and struts have manually adjustable multi- stage dampening. With its competition grade engineering and construction, AGX shocks and struts are perfect for sport enthusiasts and high performance drivers.

AGX shocks and struts offer the adjustability of a competition shock in a package designed for street use. The shocks let drivers dial in their performance shocks to match their style of driving. Drivers can fine-tune their shocks' dampening rate for street racing, high speed touring or cruising the boulevard. The unique feature of the AGX shocks and struts is its ability to change a vehicle's ride characteristics in seconds, without having to lift the car or remove any components.

* KYB strut mounts and boots feature construction and fit that meets or exceeds original equipment specifications and are available for both domestic and import vehicles. Strut mounts play a vital role in improving the vehicle's handling, ride control, alignment, braking and steering, and KYB strut mounts and boots are an integral part of proper strut service. They improve the quality of the installation while enhancing the safety and performance of your vehicle.

The KYB Safety Center program

The KYB Safety Center program is an innovative promotional program developed to help professional technicians receive the industry's best training and technical service while also providing eye-catching signage and functional items that will help them grow their business.

A cooperative promotional program teaming KYB with its distributors, the KYB Safety Center program is designed to help promote professional technicians as suspension experts. The KYB program is designed to give technicians a competitive edge by promoting their service expertise, increasing their suspension business and bringing more customers to their shops.

Keeping up-to-date on the latest information is critical to a technician's success in the marketplace. With its Safety Center program, KYB offers a wide range of training and support options that will provide professional technicians with the most efficient and profitable shock and strut techniques.

As part of the program, KYB Safety Center members receive a point-of-sale promotional kit, which includes a KYB bay banner, posters, countermat and numerous other promotional items.

KYB America LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kayaba Industry Company, LTD, a multi-national organization whose products are sold in over 100 countries, either as components or as integral parts of other equipment. On a worldwide basis, KYB employs over 4,000 people and has annual sales in excess of $2.3 billion. Visit www.kyb.com for more.

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