Pickups have been hard-working partners as this family built its farm from the ground up.

We're still touring the country with the trucks we are giving away in our Chevy/Progressive Farmer "Generation to Generation" contest. One lucky family will win a Chevy 4 x 4 Silverado, a Chevy S-10 pickup and a complete set of clothing from Carhartt.

This time we took our trucks to the Southern Farm Show in North Carolina. While we were there, we decided to make our third stop at a multigenerational farm.

We visited with the Fish family in Willow Springs, N.C. And even on a cold morning, the entire family came out to see our Chevys.

Over the last 45 years, Seth and Jean Fish have built a cattle farm from the ground up. During those years, Chevrolet trucks have been an important part of the farming operation. In fact, when Seth-a seasoned Chevy owner-looked inside the shiny new truck, he asked, "Where's the 4-wheel-drive control?"

In 1955, the Fish family started out with cutover timberland and woods near Willow Springs. Seth and Jean worked at public jobs as they planted pastures, built ponds, expanded their cow herd and raised a family. Now they run 140 beef cows and heifers on 300 acres of pastureland.

The Fish family uses Chevy trucks to haul cattle feed and minerals, to move farm equipment and to make daily trips around the pastures taking care of newborn calves.

Seth uses a 4-wheel-drive pickup as he searches for new calves. He admits that it's beaten up from driving through woods and his homemade drive-through gates. But the 4-wheel drive gets him through the winter snows to find baby calves that might be freezing.

Seth currently uses a 1999 3/4-ton, 4wheel-drive pickup to pull his cattle trailer to market. And Jean drives a Chevrolet Blazer when she goes shopping.

Seth and Jean are not the only Fish family farmers who drive Chevy trucks. Their son Alan runs a broiler operation with his wife, Sherry, and they use Chevy trucks, too. Alan uses his pickup around the farm, while Sherry drives a Blazer to run errands in town.

And it won't be long before a third generation of the Fish family is driving Chevys around the farm. Alan and Sherry have two daughters, Jessica and Megan, who took a long look at the Chevy S-10.

"I've been impressed with Chevrolet trucks," says Seth.

We will continue visiting farms around the country, so look for us in your area. And if you are interested in winning these two Chevys for your family farm, simply fill out the form on the Shopper page in the back of the book and mail it to us. Or you can enter on our web site, www. progressivefarmer.com.

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