Aftermarket Maxx attack!

Is there no escaping the popular Traxxas Maxx trucks? It seems that every other new part I see is an option for these machines. Given the wide variety of goodies out there (and the mounds of "Which accessories should I try?" letters and email I receive), I figured It was time for a survey of the hottest Maxx Items to emerge from the many aftermarket machine shops and accessory makers. Here are some of my favorites, In no particular order.



These aluminum gearboxes for the front and rear of your Maxx will add to its looks and strengthen the drive train.

Part no.-DYN7600, $42.95.


The stock plastic bulkheads on any Maxx truck can hold out for only so long before stress and strain take their toll on the plastic. These aluminum bulkheads from Dynamite can take a brutal pounding and go back for more.

Part nos. (F/R)-DYN7601/DYN7602,$52.95 each.


A truck with big tires can put a lot of stress on a steering system. Improve the steering on your Maxx truck with this aluminum bellcrank steering system; it will give your truck flex-- free, precise steering.

Part no.-DYN7608, $18.95.



The header has a large-diameter tube welded to a thick aluminum flange. For better exhaust flow, the flange has been slightly chamfered to match the engine's exhaust opening. The headers come with mounting screws, star washers and a gasket. They are offered in blue, red, silver, yellow, green and purple.

Prices: $25.99 (silver), $27.99 (other colors).



Anyone who has driven a Maxx knows that it tends to lean and will even flip over while cornering at high speeds, but this swaybar kit will keep it flat and on all fours when cornering. All the necessary mounting hardware is included.



These tough shock towers are beautifully machined out of aluminum billet, and all their edges are chamfered or rounded for a clean look. They are available in blue, silver, purple and green and come with stainlesssteel socket-head capscrews.

Part no.-HCR-00312, $49.


This super-tough, direct-replacement chassis for the E-Maxx is machined out of a solid block of 6061 T-6 aluminum, yet it weighs only 11 ounces. The batteries sit lower in this chassis than in the stock one; plastic battery insulator trays and mounting screws are included, and the chassis is available in blue, green, purple and silver.

Part no.-HCR-00330, $199.


Increase the power of your T-Maxx by adding a .21 engine and this chassis kit. It includes an extended titanium chassis, extended rear skidplate, .21 engine mounts, a throttle pivot and turret, a header and an extended drive shaft. The kits are available in purple, green, blue and silver.

Part no.-HRC-00320,$249.


Ballistic Stupidity skidplates are direct replacements for the Maxx truck's stock front and rear skidplates. They are stamped out of 6061 T-6 aluminum plate, have a brushed aluminum finish and include mounting instructions and mounting hardware. A large center skidplate to protect the transmission case is also offered, and it comes in handy if your driving style is ballistic-and stupid. Front and rear skidplates- BS1003S, $34.95. Center skidplate-- BS1002S, $12.95.



RC Alloys steps up to the plate with aluminum skidplates (get it? I'm pretty clever) for your truck's front, center and rear. They are laser-cut out of Gobi T-6 aluminum plate and have a satiny, sandblasted finish.

Skidplate (F/R)-- RC853F/RC853R, $18.50 each. Stock center skidplate-RC853C, $16.50. 3-piece set-RC853SET, $49.99. Center skidplate for Rix Gear braces-RC853RIX, $16.50.


These stylish lower braces are machined out of aluminum billet and anodized blue. Material has been removed in tow-stress areas to reduce weight. Mounting instructions and hardware are included.

Part no.- BS100BL, $54.95.


The steering servo in the T-Maxx hangs down below the chassis and is vulnerable to being damaged by rocks and debris. This little skidplate made of 6o6i T-6 aluminum gives it the protection it needs. Attach it with the original servo-mounting screws.

Part no.- BS1005S, $19.95.



Trinity claims that these springs will stiffen your E-Maxx's suspension to help reduce body roll for better cornering. They're avail able in two spring rates--blue (heavy) and black (extra heavy) -in sets of four.

Part no.-TK5y8 (blue), TK51-19 (black), 57.99/4.


Trinity now offers a new, improved motor plate for the E-Maxx It is machined out of aluminum plate and is anodized blue. Vertical slots machined in it provide extra cooling for the motors because their large surface areas help dissipate heat. Heat-sink motor plate-TK5"7, $19.99.


RC Alloys' rims are machined out of 6o6i T-6 aluminum and are offered in four styles. The rims are hand polished to a bright shine and are also available with a satin finish.

Left to right: RC85o-05 $129.99/set, RC85o-04, $159.99/set, RC85o-o2, RC850-03, $149.99/set; not shown: the flat-face, 8-hole RC850-01.



In stock form, the T-Maxx is heavy and fast, and most owners make it even heavier with aluminum upgrade parts. This increases the load on the already hardworking disc-brake system. Robinson's high-performance brake kit is built for strength and power, and it combines the brake disc and hub in one, machined-aluminum unit. The disc is squeezed by two large steel plates with composite pads.

High-performance brake kit-- RRP856o, $34-99.


Robinson's aluminum shock bodies and lower spring retainers are available in blue and silver. Upper spring retainers are available in two lengths (4mm and 8mm), so ride height can be adjusted precisely. The aluminum spring retainers are anodized black and have holes drilled in them to reduce weight and allow dirt to escape.

Aluminum shock bodies- RRP8511 (blue), RRP85io (silver) $14.99/2.

Aluminum spring retainers (upper; lower)-RRP852o (4mm), RRP853o (8mm), $15-99/4; RRP8516 (blue), RRP85i5 (silver), $14.99/2.


I have a Kyosho Nitro USA-1 that will not track straight no matter what. I took it to my local hobby shop, and they replaced the servo horn and put spacers in the front suspension to take up the frontend slop. When I drive it at below rfz throttle, it is fine, but past that point ... look out! For some reason, it veers to the right. I have tried to correct this by installing a servo with 92 oz.-in. of torque, a new servo-saver, new servo batteries, stiffer springs and thicker shock oil. I also changed the camber-link position and added foam inserts.

What else can I do to stop this from happening. I like the truck, but at this point, I'm ready to give up on it.

Tim L., Phoenix, AZ

You sure have tried a lot of things to solve this problem! But here's one thing you must remember about any monster truck-especially one that is powered by a mega-horsepower engine: tire growth. Like dragster slicks, big, soft monster truck tires "grow" because of centrifugal force. If the differential "unloads" and allows one wheel to spin faster, it will grow larger than the tire on the other side, and the truck will pull toward the side with less tire "growth." You can try stuffing the diff with thick grease to slow diff action, but that's only a very temporary solution; a stronger steering system is the best defense. It takes a powerful steering servo and a rigid steering system to counteract the diff-pull effect. Install a servo with 120 oz. -in. of torque or more; the one you have now won't cut it. If you have a servo-saver on your steering servo, remove it and adjust the bellcrank-- mounted servo-saver unit so that it is as tight as it can possibly be. This should minimize your truck's handling woes.

If you have any problems or questions about trucks, or if there is something you would like to see in "4x4." email me at kevinh@airage.com or send your letters to: "4x4"

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IMEX Clod Buster tires

If you are an RC monster truck fan, you probably remember IMEX which produced popular aftermarket tires for the Clod Buster. IMEX slowly faded from the mainstream RC scene, and the tires were soon hard to find. Used sets were sold on the Internet for more than $250! IMEX recognized that demand and decided to start producing the Truck Pull and Baja tires again. They will fit the Tamiya Clod Buster and Bullhead, Tamiya Juggernaut, OFNA Monster Pirate, Kyosho USA-1 electric and nitro and OFNA Monster Pirate; with slight rim modification, they will also fit the Traxxas Maxx trucks. Part nos.-- 7595 (Truck Pull), 7584 (Baja).

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