Job and life changes main moving causes

Most of those yellow trucks you see driving northbound from San Diego are headed toward Los Angeles. And most of the yellow trucks you see driving into San Diego are coming from Los Angeles.

That's according to Ryder Truck Rental, which tracks its 5,000-plus rental locations as well as government statistics to find out where people are moving, and where they're moving from. The statistics aren't limited to people who rent Ryder trucks, said David C. Dawson, spokesman for Ryder Truck Rental Inc. in Miami.

The top reasons for moving, according to Ryder, are change of employment; life-changing events such as marriage, divorce and retirement; quality-of-life issues such as cost of living, housing and quality of schools; and the desire for a different home or neighborhood.

And the hottest city in the United States, counting the ratio of inbound-to-outbound household moves, is Spokane, Wash. According to Ryder, there were 149 moves into Spokane for every 100 moves out of the city for the first half of '91.

Spokane was followed by Springfield, Mo. (141 moves in); Greenville/Washington, N.C. (139); Nashville, Tenn. (137); Las Vegas (129); San Antonio, Texas (128); Fresno-Visalia (125); Richmond, Va. (124); Albuquerque/Santa Fe, N.M. (123); and, tied for tenth place, each with 121 moves in for every 100 moves out, were Raleigh/Durham, N.C., Green Bay/Appleton, Wis., and the Tennessee/Virginia Tri-Cities.

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