Air filter GM part number 25332443 (ACDelco part number A1618C) is specific to the Duramax diesel engine. It is reinforced to eliminate damage from the increased airflow of the turbocharger. The reinforcement is visually identified by five ribs of epoxy across the pleats of the clean side of the filter.

The 8.1L gasoline engine air filter, GM part number 25313349 (ACDelco part number A1518C), should never be used with a Duramax diesel engine. It will fit into the air box; however, it does not have the required reinforcement of the diesel air filter.

Because of the greater airflow possible with the turbo, an incorrect air filter may collapse or be torn, allowing dust and dirt to be ingested. This can cause serious damage to the turbo vanes and cylinder walls of the engine.

(Information source: ACDelco)

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