Congratulations to the 1617 companies that are included in this year's Market Directory! With their help, we are pleased to offer this extensive alphabetical listing of vendor and association information for our readers. Your use of this directory will help us to provide continual service throughout the year.

This year's directory boasts an increase of over 400 additional companies. (Note that this is an increase from last year's increase). Clearly, we have designed a trend-a perspective target to increase the value of each directory with each additional year, with each additional entry.

Our products and service category listings give readers and companies the opportunity to connect by easy access; companies are intricately woven within these 205 categories. We suggest using the cross-reference index on page 28 for quick and easy reference.

We are grateful to begin this year's issue with the opportunity to acquaint ourselves more closely with companies, products and services for the health care technology industry. We invite you to do the same.


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