01. NAME: Molly Greene, 30, nightclub impresario HOMETOWN: New York HYPE: Scene-stress/party promoter opens her much whispered about club, Moxie, this spring in Manhattan. ALMOST FAMOUS: While working at Boston's Cheers bar right after high school, she started slapping their logo on T-shirts and beer mugs. She quit, and it morphed into a massive merchandising business. HARD LESSON: "Never use grapefruit juice as a mixer because it makes your breath stink and ruins all chances of scoring."

02. NAME: Danny Way, 26, pro skateboarder HOMETOWN: Encinitas, CA HYPE: Daredevil, known for record-breaking tricks, like jumping out of a helicopter with his skateboard. LUCKY BREAK: "My dad bought me a skateboard when I was two years old." EXTREME FANTASY: "To build a special ramp that will send me flying though the air like a ski-jumper."

03. NAME: J.T. LeRoy, 20, author HOME TOWN: West Virginia HYPE: First novel Sarah (Bloomsbury) made the bestseller list; Green Day wrote a song about it and Gus Van Sant plans to adapt it to film. Also sells raccoon penis bones, a sexual talisman, on his website. LUCKY BREAK: "Getting a book deal when I was 17, homeless, on drugs and turning tricks on the street." BIG-BUDGET FANTASY: "To go to the premiere of Sarah in a really tight Prada dress and bad-ass platforms."

04. NAME: Jennifer Dale Crisafulli, 26, actress HOMETOWN: Albany, NY HYPE: Nailed her debut in Penny Marshall's upcoming Riding in Cars with Boys, starring Drew Barrymore, after ditching her career as a photo editor at music glossies Spin and Rolling Stone. UNUSUAL SACRIFICE: "Giving up a $90,000-a-year job and telling my parents I want to be an actress."

05. NAME: Lisa Ano, 28, editor HOMETOWN: Houston, TX HYPE: Co-founder of NYC-based List magazine, and Canned resources, the design firm behind Joe's Pub and the next Standard hotel. Started out as artist Tibor Kalman's assistant. GOOD MOVE: "Leaving Texas."

06. NAME: Tony Bertone, 27, Puma executive HOMETOWN: Franklin, MA HYPE: Creates the street buzz for Puma. Designed the limited-edition S Class sneaker, modeled after a Mercedes Benz. BIG BREAK: "Bought a record store when I was 17 instead of going to college."

08. NAME: Lola Glaudini, 28, actress HOMETOWN: New York HYPE: Played a sexy club kid in Groove and Max Prelich's pothead girlfriend in Ted Demme's upcoming film Blow. BIG BREAK: "Grew up acting in a theater company that my dad started with Sam Shepard." TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORYBOARD: "To follow in the footsteps of Ida Lupino, a '40s actress who was one of the first female studio directors, was gorgeous, and fucked whoever she wanted."

07. NAME: Rory Wheeler, 21, celebrity party-circuit magician/actor HOMETOWN: Clearwater, FL HYPE: Magic consultant/actor for NBC's Ed. Part-time underwear model. LUCKY BREAK: "I did a party for Russell Simmons with Puffy, Jay-Z, and Stephen Baldwin. My phone hasn't stopped ringing." BRILLIANT DISCOVERY: "Magic can help me charm entertainment executives into giving me roles." HOLLYWOOD FANTASY: "Playing a serial killer in a blockbuster film."

09. NAMES: Patrick Li, Ezra Petronio, Suzanne Koller, all early-30-somethings, graphic designers HOMETOWNS: All over HYPE: Their design firm, Work in Progress, brainstormed the ultracool logos for Comme Des Garcons' perfume 71, the Dia Center for Arts, and Katayone Adeli. GOOD MOVE: "Moving to New York ten years ago and getting a job as an editorial assistant at Interview three days later."--Patrick EGALITARIAN FANTASY: "To design something people can't live without, like a new type of toilet paper dispenser."

10. NAME: Mo'Nique, 33, actress HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD HYPE: Plays the single mom on UPN's hit comedy The Parkers. Has a plus-size clothing line called BBLI (Big, Beautiful, and Lovin' It). LUCKY BREAK: "The first time I stepped onstage and told a joke." BRILLIANT DISCOVERY: "That I can have sex for seven hours straight." [laughs]

11. NAME: Mark Glaze, 30, lawyer HOMETOWN: Gunnison, CO HYPE: Legal wiz for high-profile First Amendment cases like the one involving James Dale, the Boy Scout leader who got kicked out for being gay. SECRET FANTASY:" "To be a famous house music DJ, with a residency at Twilo."

12. NAME: Tara Dakides, 25, pro snowboarder HOMETOWN: Mammoth, CA HYPE: X Games champ, known for her air-clearing snowboard backflips and Backside Rodeo (a handspring off the lip of a jump). UNLUCKY BREAK: "Fracturing my back when I tried my first backflip and landing on my head." EXTREME FANTASY: "To run a record label, sign cool bands, never work again, and travel the world surfing."

13. NAME: Olga Kapustina, 25, fashion designer HOMETOWN: Belarus HYPE: Her year-old clothing labels Olga Kapustina and Handmade just got picked up by Fred Segal in Los Angeles and Steven Alan in NYC. Fans include Hilary Swank and Fiona Apple. ANARCHIST FANTASY: "To see people start sewing, and put malls, Old Navy, and Banana Republic out of business. Down with mass production!"

14. NAME: Piotr Uklanski, 29, multimedia artist HOMETOWN: Warsaw, Poland HYPE: His traveling disco floors have been installed at the Museum of Modern Art, Paris's Pompidieu Centre, and the bar at Gavin Brown's Enterprise, NYC. Lots of weird photography with subversive themes. BRILLIANT DISCOVERY: "That you can stay 29 forever." LOW-BUDGET FANTASY: "I don't really have any fantasies; I live from day to day."

15. NAME: k.g.b. (Ben, 19, Tom, 21, Toby, 20, Johnny Genius, 20, Moses, 20), pop band HOMETOWN: Oakland, CA MISSION: To redefine teen pop with their debut album, out this spring. Think thrift shop 'N Sync with guitars. BIG BREAK: "Third Eye Blind's manager got our demo and passed it on to DreamWorks." ROCK 'N' ROLL FANTASY: "We take over the airwaves, get on TRL and fuck with Carson Daly."

16. NAME: Matt Goias, 23, marketing genius HOMETOWN: New York HYPE: Founder of Indie 5000, a record label/marketing/management company whose clients include Lacoste, Big Daddy Kane, and Prince Paul. Instead of going to college, he learned the ropes as a DJ. LUCKY BREAK: "I recently did a deal with Jesse Dylan (Bob's son) to run a division of his entertainment company. Now I get nice stationery and unlimited Fed Exes."

17. NAME: Santisima (Leonardo Aguirre, 29, and Joseph Michel, 34), fashion designers HOMETOWN: Los Angeles via Guadalajara HYPE: Joseph started as a photographer and Leo as a model. After a two-month internship with Richard Tyler they launched their line. LUCKY BREAK: Winning fans like Julia Roberts, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, and Salma Hayek. NO-BUDGET FANTASY: "To be there when a woman tries on our stuff, and feels amazing."

18. NAME: Nikka Costa, 20-something, singer HOMETOWN: Los Angeles HYPE: Debut record, co-produced by Mark Ronson, out this year. Daughter of famous composer Dan Costa, she had five hit children's records in Europe when she was a kid. LUCKY BREAK: "Growing up, literally sleeping in the orchestra pit." ROCK 'N' ROLL FANTASY: "To be the chick that does the gig with Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes and holds her own, goddammit!"

19. NAME: Neil Aline, 24, DJ/mogul HOMETOWN: Tahiti/Paris HYPE: The French ambassador of house music: has a college radio show, a record label, Chez Music, and hosts the NYC Respect parties. BRILLIANT DISCOVERY: "Vodka cranberry cocktails. We don't have cranberry juice in France!" LATE-NIGHT FANTASY: "For people to stop coming inside the DJ booth, asking for requests. I am not a jukebox!"

20. NAME: Claire Darrow, 27, mogul-in-the-making HOMETOWN: Chicago, IL HYPE: Director of special projects for hotelier Andre Balazs (The Mercer, Chateau Marmont, The Standard) BRILLIANT DISCOVERY: "Water-skiing naked through phosphorous algae in the middle of the night." BIG-BUDGET FANTASY: "To own a small island in the Mediterranean with a secret hotel just for friends."

21. NAME: Tommy Zung, 32, architect HOMETOWN: Laguna Beach, CA HYPE: Former manager of NYC's Moomba nightclub, he's a designer of the V bar in Las Vegas' Venetian Hotel, and Hawaiian retreats for the pro surfer jet set. BIG-BUDGET FANTASY: "To design my own aquatic biosphere with mermaids and tsunami waves-on-demand."

22. NAME: Debelah Morgan, 24, singer HOMETOWN: New Jersey HYPE: After rejections from several labels, she recorded her R&B album, Dance With Me, in her basement in two weeks, then landed a deal with Atlantic Records. At press time, her sizzling "Dance With Me" single was #13 on the Billboard charts and rising fast. BRILLIANT DISCOVERY: "That little voice inside your head has to be an angel 'cause it's always right."

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