Breaker, breaker! You got yer ears on? Drivin' yer diesel car in King of Route 66 should be a real sweet deal. 'Specially with no smokies at yer back door. Know what I mean? But this dog don't hunt. It's got all the same problems as 18 Wheeler—mostly muddy controls and levels shorter than your average commercial. At least the levels are plentiful this time around. You might not get to see all the stages, though, since the difficulty curve is all messed up. When I've gotta drive the first few levels over and over again, something's wrong. No matter which mode you play in, it happens. At least I had some fun with the Queen of Route 66 mode. What's that, you ask? It's basically Gran Turismo for trucks. You complete various challenges, earn cash, and upgrade your truck from a child's toy to something BJ and The Bear would be proud to drive. But, again, the cruel difficulty hampers the enjoyment. I was really lookin' forward to drivin' the big rigs in a great game for once, too. Oh well, looks like I'll have to wait for another 18 Wheeler sequel before I live that particular dream.

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